Why Do We Need Social Media Analytics?

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Daily Reports

Those daily analytics are for the social media content creator to view. Like all reports, the daily analytics should stem from an organization’s goals. This “report” is not necessarily formal, but it is the most detail-oriented report because it contains the minuscule details that can range from individual post engagement to analyzing the most successful post of the day.

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Weekly Reports

These reports are composed for the content creator’s immediate boss. This report gives a summary of the daily reports and may include overall statics related to audience size and growth, reach, top posts for the week for click-through rates (CTR), follower growth, and competitor metrics. These measurements can “focus on the data that matters — the numbers that prove your effort has had a positive, bottom-line impact on the business.” For increased readability, I would suggest having it broken down per social media platform.

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Monthly Reports

These reports are given to the leaders and c-suite executives of the company. They are less specific and gives a snapshot of top analytics across platforms. CEOs and leaders care about how social media impacts the company’s awareness, reputation and most importantly, revenue, they don’t necessarily have time to comb through details.

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Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy is a graduate student at the University of Florida.