Looking Back at Essence Fest 2018 and its Social Media Usage


Essence Fest provides a lot of communication before the event, especially emails. Among that written content, there were articles from third-party websites detailing what to expect for the event, but we live in an age where videos on social media are more effective. Kristen Craft, a writer for Unbounce, said that videos are integral to creating excitement for an event. She wrote that by “offering a conference sneak peak, you give people a feel for what their experience will be like.” Although I know that this event is hosted by a magazine publication, so written content is expected, I believe there should be a balance for those who do not necessarily want to read.

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I had a great time Essence Fest, however, the lines were extremely long and my friends and I had questions, but we were unable to get them answered because the event had over 510,0000 people in attendance. Disclaimer: The official mobile application had frequently asked questions, but we had timely questions that were not able to be answered in that section. Since this is a colossal event, I’d suggest having an active social media team on Twitter to answer any questions that attendees may have by following the hashtag, #AskEssence18. Allocating a specific hashtag to questions allows for the social media team to decipher between general posts and problems.


Since Essence Fest is an annual event, they can start generating excitement about next year’s event by offering a post-event contest. Adrian Si, a marketing strategy director, wrote that “guests need to have something to look forward to when they leave the event — or you risk losing their engagement altogether.” Si also adds that these contests could attract new attendees to the event. By continuing to conduct a contest throughout the year, which will lead up to the next event, will keep the buzz around the festival.

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Social Media Success

Essence Fest has been very active on social media. They do a great job featuring a variety of content, from talent to food to New Orleans-specific posts. In 2018, as we approached the event, Essence Fest was posting 2–3 times a day. They would host Twitter Chats with celebrities to get attendees excited and involved with the event prior to arriving.

Screenshot from Essence Fest’s Instagram account



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Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy is a graduate student at the University of Florida.