A Marvelous Marketing Opportunity for the Doctor Strange Sequel

Executive Summary

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the latest film installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, we are going to present the proposed social media marketing campaign to generate interest for this film. To measure our campaign’s success, we created a SMART goal, which is to increase the movie’s brand awareness by 35 percent within three months of the premiere date of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This campaign will focus on three main social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram due to their popularity and ability to display videos. Our brand voice will have a serious tone to reflect the mood of the movie, but similar to Marvel movies, there will be a humorous, action-oriented to balance the seriousness. We want our voice to build anticipation for the upcoming movie.

To effectively measure our success on social media, we will use Hootsuite to capture reach and engagement information, schedule posts, conduct social listening, and assess our click-through rates.

This three-month campaign is divided into three phases: pre-event, during the event, and post-event. The pre-event phase is the most important phase since it has two months dedicated to creating excitement for the movie’s release. The campaign will kickstart with a teaser and focus on getting user-generated content (UGC) throughout its time period. The during event phase is a weeklong dedication to getting those last-minute moviegoers to purchase tickets. The post-event campaign is the final push to get any laggards to buy tickets to the movie’s second opening weekend.

In conclusion, Instagram is the platform that we witnessed resounding success. We were able to interact with users differently on this platform than the others. We saw users create UGC and influence their own networks. Although this campaign was a great success, it could have been improved by incorporating Twitter and getting its users to use UGC to garner interest on that platform.



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Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy

Reba Liddy is a graduate student at the University of Florida.